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Felicità Gifts 

In the webshop you will find a diverse range for women and men.

Are you looking for water-repellent and disinfectant cleanable textiles! with or without printing.

We can produce products such as doctor's coats and / or work clothes for care providers, catering, hairdressers, beauticians, in short all branches of fabric that is water-repellent and disinfectant to clean.
We also produce other textile products that are water-repellent and disinfectant to clean, such as pillowcases, fitted sheets, bed linen, boxcloths, changing cushions, toddler chairs, tablecloths, lounge cushions, curtains, in short everything from textiles. Everything is possible with printing, embroidery, photo, text, etc. You can have this made with your own design or logo. You can also have a logo designed by us together with your wishes.

Perhaps you have an idea yourself or you run into something that you would like more hygienic in terms of textiles, then we can think along with you to find the right solution. Everything can be discussed according to your wishes.

If you want more information, please fill in the contact form, we will call or email you back within 1 to 2 working days. Everything can be arranged by mail and telephone. Of course an appointment on location is possible, we deliver throughout the Netherlands and international.

We produce everything ourselves from fabric to end product, so 100% Dutch production !!
The page will be refreshed regularly with new articles, because I want to offer a wide range.

On a number of pages, articles have to be added, these are currently not yet in stock but will come soon !!! So keep an eye on my site !!!

For the shipping costs, I advise you to look at the page "shipping", here you will find extensive information about the possibilities to send or deliver your order.
I wish you a lot of viewing pleasure on my site!