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Textile with or without printing, water-repellent and disinfectant to clean!

Complete upholstery of your interior in holiday homes, chalets, mobile homes, restaurant, hotel or shop is also possible. If you want a new teneu for your sports club or the old one needs to be replaced, you can also contact us.

For non-binding questions and information or a free quote, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Are you interested in having company clothing printed? Work clothing must be resistant to all kinds of influences. As is often the case, so it is dirt and water resistant. We like to help you. You can contact us with any desired printing. We can deliver on your design Would you like to have your logo, image name printed, for example? You can send the design to us or have it designed by us. When you send the design to us, we will print it exactly as you want on the desired garment. We will keep in touch with you about this so that the printing meets all your wishes. You just have to explain what you have in mind and we will process it.

Our own collection of t-shirts and catering clothing (shirt) are available in all sizes. The design is also adapted to this so that the printing is accessible for every type of garment. The t-shirts and shirts (catering clothing) are available in various colors.

Water resistend

Picture of your own pet!!

Our custom cushions with animals, flowers, logo and more make your living room a cozy and warmly decorated space. Our pillow with logo or your own design are also very suitable to give as a promotional gift.

The series of cushions are available in two sizes, namely:

40 x 40 cm (small) these are 29, -

40 x 60 cm (large) these are 39, -

Pouf and footstools available in various sizes and fabrics / height / width and shape with your own photo, logo, company name or image, e.g. for your store

Bean bag in various colors and models with name printed or embroidered.

For more information or if you have any questions, please fill in your details below and we will contact you within 1 to 2 working days